UCare is a UHealth initiative designed to create and sustain a patient-centric culture of teamwork and excellence.

UCare is based on accountability, measurement and alignment. The organization goals that we work collectively to achieve are the foundation of the UCare initiative.

Our Mission

The University of Miami Health System delivers high-­caliber, compassionate health care; advances patient care through applied research; educates the next generation of medical leaders; and contributes to a healthier world. Read through our World Class Service Goals

Organizational Goals Are Organized By The Following 5 Pillars

  • ServiceService
  • PeoplePeople
  • QualityQuality
  • GrowthGrowth
  • Finance'Finance

AIDET – Effective Communications

The goal of AIDET is consistent communication to provide information, which can aid in reducing patient anxiety and increasing compliance

  • Acknowledge – Greet patients by name
  • Introduction – Introduce yourself and briefly explain your position and/or qualifications
  • Duration – Share the length of the procedure, duration of hospital stay, wait time or recovery time
  • Explanation – Clearly explain the procedure/test/treatment and what to expect during treatment in terms patients can understand
  • Thank You – Thank patients for trusting you with their care

UCare Key Elements

Patient Perception is our Reality:

  • Knowledge of patient experience will help us continue to build on our strengths and provide focus on areas we can improve.
  • Press Ganey surveys provide UHealth with a unified tool for evaluating patient perception.
  • Surveys are mailed to randomly selected patients who visit our hospitals, clinics, and satellite facilities.

Leadership Development Institute (LDI):

  • Quarterly educational sessions for leaders.
  • Provide leaders with tools, resource and training.
  • Leaders share the new knowledge, tools and tactics with staff and integrate them into daily operations.

UCare Communication Boards:

  • Display consistent communication about our UCare journey throughout departments in hospitals, satellite facilities and clinics.
  • Reinforce the five pillars of Service, People, Quality, Growth and Finance.
  • Present key organizational messages, wins and results of our organizational goals.

Any Questions on UCare?: